The Chapters of STARLFEET are organised along the lines of the ships and space stations of the Star Trek shows and films.  Each Chapter has a Commanding Officer (CO), an Executive Officer (XO), Department Heads and Crew, many Chapters have an element of STARFLEET Marines, MACO and some visitors.

Commanding Officer (CO)

VADM Theresa Bristow

Executive Officer (XO)

CAPT Sean Williams

USS Concorde currently has a crew complement of 28 across Bristol, the South West and South Wales. 

If you have an interest in any aspect of Star Trek, be that STARFLEET Medical, Engineering, Botany, Anthropology,
Ship's Repair and Maintenance, Diplomatic or First Contact Service, you could find a place on the
USS Concorde, and with STARFLEET to discuss your area of interest with like-minded people.