In the Trek Universe, USS Concorde is a LUNA Class reconnaisance research vessel 450 m long with a crew of 350.

Like her namesake, she is a fast ship capable of transwarp speeds, her primary mission is scientific research, however, her speed and powerful sensor arrays make her ideal for reconnaisance into uncharted or hostile territory.

Here in Bristol, USS Concorde is a Chapter of Region 20, STARFLEET.   We hope to see you at Geek Retreat (17 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol, BS1 4UR) where we plan to meet as often as possible - see the Events page for upcoming Crew Meet Up dates.

We enjoy getting together to watch and talk Trek, cosplay, costume and prop making, and attending Comic Con(s) whenever possible, and yes we like wearing our Trek uniforms/costumes.  But it's not just about Trek - we raise funds for charity; Our nominated Charity is The Brightwell Centre, Bradley Stoke; and we endeavour to help improve our communities.


450 m




Capable of warp, quantum slipstream and transwarp speeds


6 Phaser Arrays

3 Torpedo Launchers


Deflector Shields

Auxiliary Craft

Federation Shuttlecraft

Captain's Skiff